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Circulation of Knowledge in the 17th-Century Dutch Republic learning, letters, Netherlands, networks browse and analyze around 20,000 letters written by and sent to 17th century scholars who lived in the Dutch Republic
Epidemic Disease in London disease, essays, London, urban Six papers on epidemic disease in London from the 14th to 19th centuries.
Golf in Scotland 1457-1744 exhibits, Scotland, sports web exhibit showcasing of some of the earliest sources for the history of golf in Scotland
Harnessing the Power of the Criminal Corpse crime, exhibits, medicine, punishment A major, multi-disciplinary research project investigating the meanings, treatment, and uses of the criminal corpse.
Heading West: Mapping the Territory 1540-1900 Americas, exhibits, exploration, maps online exhibition presenting impressions of the West in maps from 1540 to 1900
Mapping the Republic of Letters correspondence, digital, networks Case studies and interactive visualization tools of 18th-century social networks.
Nation of shopkeepers: Trade Ephemera from 1654 to the 1860s exhibits, print culture, trade Website of a 2001 Bodleian exhibition, focusing on the development of printed trade cards and similar materials
People, Property and Charity: The Clothworkers’ Company, 1500-1688 charity, guilds, London, trades the benefactors, property acquisitions, bequests and charitable activity of The Clothworkers’ Company in the City of London, late 15th to late 17th century
REED Patrons and Performances drama, place Resource on professional performers on tour in the provinces – their patrons, the performance venues they used and the routes they took across the kingdom
SHALT: Shakespearean London Theatres London, public history, Shakespeare, theatres project to increase public awareness of sites of the London theatres of Shakespeare’s time
Six Degrees of Francis Bacon digital, networks Six Degrees of Francis Bacon is a digital reconstruction of the early modern social network.
Staging and Representing the Scottish Renaissance Court drama, performing arts, practice, Scotland A project to stage Sir David Lyndsay’s A Satire of the Three Estates as part of a wider investigation of the Scottish Renaissance and Stewart court
The Development of British Children’s Literature in the 18th-Century c18th, education, hypertext, literature a compendium of influential texts, authors, and scholars that helped shape the development of children’s literature during this period
The Gentleman’s Magazine: the 18th Century Answer to Google c18th, exhibits, learning, society online exhibition of the University of Otago Library collection of the Gentleman’s Magazine (1731-1866), ‘an inexhaustible mine of information for scholars of eighteenth century life’.
The Mind is a Collection ideas, material culture, memory, objects The Mind Is a Collection is a born-digital museum of early modern cognitive models.
Toward A National Cartography: American Mapmaking 1782-1800 Americas, c18th, exhibits, maps, USA a virtual tour of the Harvard Map Collection 2011 exhibition Toward a National Cartography: American Mapmaking, 1782-1800
Travel, Transculturality and Identity in England, 1550-1700 (TIDE) encounters, identity, migration, travel TIDE aims to investigate how mobility in the great age of travel and discovery shaped English perceptions of human identity.
Virtual Pauls Cross Website performance, preaching, re-creations, religion The Virtual Paul’s Cross Project enables us to experience the delivery of John Donne’s sermon for Gunpowder Day, November 5, 1622 as an event that unfolds over time on a particular occasion in Paul’s Churchyard